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Cosmetic Treatments

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Arthrex PRP/PRF Injections

The future of fillers and PRP is here!

Treat signs of aging, pain, hair loss, stubborn wounds, and more.


Platelet-Rich Fibrin is created using the patient's own blood, a specialized syringe system, and a centrifuge.  The blood is placed in an Arthrex syringe, which separates a yellow serum known as Platelet-Rich Fibrin, the next generation of Platelet-Rich Plasma.  New studies suggest Platelet-Rich Plasma and Platelet-Rich Fibrin differ in the release of growth factors which can significantly impact the healing outcome. PRF results have shown a continual and steady release of growth factors over a 10-day period. Alternatively, PRP may produce a short-term effects and is less desirable than a PRF whose release is slower and thus more beneficial in the long run.  The Arthrex system contains none of the preservatives found in many PRP systems that can contribute to pain upon injection.  Additionally, due to the quality of the syringe system, there is zero risk of red blood cell contamination, which can lead to blood staining on the skin.

1 treatment          $799

3 treatment package          $2199


(RF) Therapy


Body contouring, skin tightening, face lifting, and jaw contouring.


This popular non-invasive treatment is well-researched with no downtime and visible results.  Radiofrequency therapy is a safe, effective, non-invasive treatment that uses thermal energy to administer painless microinjuries to tissues and stimulate healthy regeneration and repair.  It promotes collagen production, which in turn reduces scars and wrinkles.  It has also been shown to reduce fat in the treatment area.  Studies have shown that bringing tissue to a sustained temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit for 3+ minutes promotes the release of heat shock proteins; these proteins contribute to the collagen production that tightens skin.  It is also an excellent treatment option for facial slimming and contouring.

Vacuum RF

Vacuum Radiofrequency Therapy uses the same RF technology used for skin tightening, combined with a vacuum.  This lifts cellulite away from the muscle fibers, helps separate fascia, and encourages more blood flow.  Reduces swelling and helps to detoxify the body.   This is an excellent treatment to immediately drain lymph, lift problem areas, improve dermal volume, skin texture, and tone.

Jawline            $85

Jawline + Neck          $135

Full Face + Neck          $175

Abdomen          $155

Upper Arms          $165

Buttocks + Thigh          $185

Back          $195

Buttocks + Full Leg          $265

Buttocks + Thigh + Abdomen          $295


2-8 treatments recommended with instant results and full effects visible in 3 months.


1-2x/week is ideal spacing between appointments.


Time flies, skin changes: deeper layers of the dermis are slowly degraded, losing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and collagen.  L’ESTHÉTIC MESO uses single-use microneedling stamps to inject pharmaceutical ingredients into the skin to treat specific conditions over time from the inside out.


L'Esthetic MESO compounds have a molecular weight 1000-fold-higher than products proposed by competitors. Thanks to its complex, well-researched formulas, MESO stimulates skin from inside without changing its expression and shape. All treatments have been tested for maximum safety, effectiveness and pain reduction. 

Hair Revitalizer         $399


Thanks to its innovative formula, a mix between calcium pantothenate and pyridoxine, hair vitality and growth are stimulated. Biotin favors cells growth, it both fights hair loss and greying.

HA+ Skinbooster         $399


Pure and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, organic silicium and polyvitamin cocktail densifies the skin and reduces fine lines. Strong skin revitalizer, this treatment also prevents and treats aging signs.

Skinlight         $399


Acts as a skin brightener, reduces pigmentation and age-spots. This effective complex is made of ascorbic acid, vitamin C and glutathione. Suitable for face and body treatments.

MESOFiller        $399


Pure, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and sodium phosphate are indicated for skin hydration, eye contour and dark circles. Efficient for anti-aging preventive action.
Suitable for all ages and skin types.


SlimBody         $499


Developed by our slimming specialists, this caffeine - green tea treatment reduces cellulite, activates lipolysis and acts as an efficient fat reducer. Our new formula with deoxycholic acid gives impressive results!  Injected by a registered nurse into stubborn adipose tissue.


Universkin S.tep

Compound Reborn. Skincare Reinvented.

A new generation of skincare formulas that are personalized, freshly compounded, minimalist, and dispensed through doctor's offices only. A facial scan is completed to determine key areas of concern and product formulation recommendations.  Optionally, the serum can be injected into the skin on the first visit.  The day/night serums are then taken home for approximately 90 days of use.

Universkin's innovative technologies enable skin health professionals to create more than 1.8 million different serum formulas in 57 different concentrations. Universkin is a unique skincare approach tailored to the individual rather than a broad treatment approach for a heterogeneous population. Universkin is the go-to skincare component of a holistic approach for tackling challenging facial skin conditions, ranging from pigmentation issues in olive skin tones to acne-prone skin with laxity and wrinkles, as well as discoloration and sensitivity concerns, among others. Universkin is trusted by the medical community for effectively addressing these difficult skin conditions that doctors encounter in their daily practice.

S.tep injection treatment including day/night serum box set         $299



Our most underrated GLASS SKIN service.

Dermaplaning eliminates the first layer of skin cells (the epidermis) on the face along with any tiny (vellus) hairs that are otherwise hard to remove.  It is great for a big event (grad photos, weddings, proms), removing all peach fuzz and dead skin cells, leaving you with an instant glow that lasts 2-4 weeks. Contrary to popular belief, it does not cause hair to grow back thicker or coarser. Make-up glides on and stays smooth for maximum performance and skin care product absorbs with ease.

full face + Esthemax jelly mask - 60 min


full face w/AFA Gel Peel + Esthemax jelly mask - 1h 30 min


add-on to facial - 45 min


Ultrasonic Cavitation

Medically recognized as a highly effective cellulite and local fat reduction technology, this treatment is completely non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime.  Low frequency ultrasound waves pass through tissue and cause bubbles to form around the fat cells.  When the bubbles burst, this causes the cells to rupture and the fat deposits within them to break apart and drain from the body through the interstitial and lymphatic systems.  Ultrasonic cavitation works best for those looking to eliminate the “last 15lbs”. Treatments are best supported with consistent water intake and a healthy diet.  Depending on the size of the treatment area, sessions can range from 30-60 minutes.  Results can take 6-12 weeks to become fully apparent.

30 Minute Session            $75
add-on: $49.50

60 Minute Session          $125

add-on: $89.50


V Carbon System Peel Treatment

Also known as The Hollywood Peel, this remarkable 2-step peel system is the first of its kind to use activated charcoal and three different sizes of acid molecules, for a graded, deep yet gentle peel that targets signs of aging, acne-prone, congested, and sun-damaged skins.  Safe to receive in the summer months.

Single Treatment          $249

Package of 4          $649

AFA Peels

AFA peels are excellent for all skin types, especially  acne-prone and sensitive skin.  With no peeling or downtime, AFA peels leave the skin soft, smooth, and extremely hydrated. Clay peel is recommended for acne-prone skins. Gel peel is recommended for anti-aging treatments. 

AFA Clay Peel               $129

AFA Gel Peel               $109


Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)®

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT®) is the exact same technology as Radial Shockwave Therapy, used for musculoskeletal conditions.  The difference for AWT® treatments is that the technology is used with specific applicators to target cosmetic conditions such as scars, skin tightness, cellulite, wrinkles, neck lifting, circulation, and lymph flow. 

AWT® FaceLift™ Treatment               $149

AWT® TummyTrim™ Treatment               $149

AWT® ButtLift™ Treatment               $249

AWT® ButtLift™ + TummyTrim™ Treatment               $349

iS Clinical AWT® FaceLift™ Facial               $229

6-10 treatments are recommended depending on age, lifestyle, and severity of symptoms.  AWT® TummyTrim™ Treatment can be substituted for bilateral upper arm treatment at no extra cost.

Laser Lipolysis

Also known as laser lipo, lipo laser, and non-invasive laser liposuction, laser lipolysis uses low-level laser energy to disrupt fat cells in highly precise treatment areas.  When the laser energy encounters a fat cell, it heats the cell and causes it to release stored fats.  These fats are released into the lymphatic system and removed from the body. Laser lipolysis is recommended 1-2x per week for a total of 8 sessions. Long-term results can take 6-12 weeks to become fully apparent.

30 Minute Session            $75
add-on: $49.50

Package of 8 Sessions


Laser Lipolysis vs. Cavitation

The key difference between the technologies is that laser lipolysis uses light whereas cavitation uses sound.  They both elicit slimming effects; however, they produce slightly different biophysiological responses, as cavitation destroys the cell membrane in stubborn fat cells, instead of melting the fat within the cell, as laser lipolysis does.

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